Welcome to “World of Homeopathy”, a blog site dedicated to providing the public with accurate and relevant information about homeopathic medicine.

“World of Homeopathy” is managed by Christopher Johnson, ND, a naturopathic doctor located in Alexandria, Virginia. It was created out of Dr. Johnson’s passion for sharing information about this fascinating and powerful system of healing as well as his concern for the prolific amount of inaccurate information presented on the web and in the media.

If you are new to homeopathy, you will likely be surprised by what you read here. That is because the picture of homeopathy usually presented by the mainstream media and the medical/scientific community is biased in the extreme against this robust and august medical tradition. The views these groups put forth are often highly un-scientific and not based on evidence (though, in fairness, some of them are legitimate points of discussion).

In these pages you will learn the truth about homeopathy – a system of medicine created and shaped by highly skilled medical practitioners around the world over the course of the last 200 years. Homeopathy is used by hundreds of millions of persons worldwide and represents a safe and effective means to treat many conditions, often in a curative manner. Homeopathy is also a sustainable form of medicine which is inexpensive and uses scant resources. 

Does all of this mean that homeopathy is perfect and never fails? That it is necessarily superior to other forms of medicine in every way? That conventional medicine is not necessary or helpful?

The answer to all of these questions is of course, “no”. Just as many in the conventional medical world and mainstream press consistently denigrate homeopathy in an un-objective manner, so too, do proponents sometimes make overblown and insupportable claims. Both of these approaches are a disservice to the public which wants and should have access to objective, un-biased information upon which to make sound judgments about their medical care.

Having said that, the results seen with homeopathic treatment are often far beyond what many people consider possible and in many cases could without undue exaggeration be termed ‘miraculous’. But ‘miraculous’ only because we have as yet no scientific framework to fully appreciated the healing capacity of the human body and the powerful effects of healing systems such as homeopathy, and so such occurrences seem somehow beyond ‘reality’.

Based on our cultural understanding of what is possible in healing, it is not entirely unreasonable that many are hesitant to ascribe such remarkable stories of recovery to the effects of the homeopathic remedy. The fact that current scientific knowledge does not afford a bio-chemical mechanism of exactly how homeopathy works makes it all the more easy to attribute the healing effects to other influences (placebo, spontaneous recovery, etc).

Nevertheless, when all the available evidence is considered, I think many will see the case for homeopathy is quite strong. For the sake of people suffering with disease the world over and in the interest of creating a sustainable and more effective health care model, my hope is that people will consider the evidence with an open, even if sceptical mind. It is in this spirit that I offer “World of Homeopathy”.

Christopher Johnson, ND